Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students 2024

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The University of Cambridge is a top-tier university identified for revolutionary research and outstanding educational opportunities. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awards scholarships to brilliant students from abroad annually to study for full graduate degrees at Cambridge. The funds provided by the Gates Foundation cover all program expenses.

The goal of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program is to create a worldwide network of future leaders who will help people. The scholarships go to very smart graduate students with strong leadership skills who want to aid others.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships provide international students with a great chance to reach their full academic potential. As a Gates scholar, Cambridge covers all your study expenses. You also get money for daily living costs, travel, and conferences. It pays for visa fees, plane tickets, and health insurance too.

It provides graduate students with a unique chance to work with top professors at one of the best universities while conducting innovative studies. Scholars can devote themselves to their studies and growth without costs holding them back. They build a solid professional network too.

This guide gives all the key details potential applicants need to know about eligibility, how to apply, what’s covered, and what life is like as a Gates scholar at Cambridge.

To qualify for the highly competitive Gates Cambridge Scholarships, some main requirements include:

Academic Skills

You must prove that you are a good student with good grades and have earned at least a 3.7 GPA. PhDs should show papers they published themselves in top journals.

English Language

If not, you need a high score on the IELTS, TOEFL, or similar English test showing strong skills. Native English speakers must have excellent writing and communication abilities.


You must be a national of any country other than the UK. Having UK citizenship disqualifies you, even if you’re originally from another place.

Subjects of Study

Cambridge University offers scholarships for any subject in their graduate program. However, we particularly prefer students majoring in STEM subjects such as biology, artificial intelligence, public health, and climate change.

All applicants must show great personal traits. You need to prove you do super well in school, could be a leader, want to help people, and like meeting new people and spreading the word about the scholarship.

Just meeting the basic rules does not guarantee you will get picked. They do interviews and really look at your application to choose the very best students. They select only candidates with strong academic records, demonstrated leadership skills, and a strong desire to make a positive impact.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are some of the most generous and prestigious scholarships worldwide.

Here are some important benefits:

Full tuition paid: The scholarship covers your entire cost of the graduate program at Cambridge. This includes:

Tuition fees: They pay whatever it costs to take your classes.

Stipend or living expenses: You get money each month to pay for housing, food, books, and other living costs while studying in Cambridge, England.

  • Tuition and college fees
  • Maintenance allowance for living expenses
  • One return airfare between UK and scholar’s home country
  • Visa application fees
  • Dissertation costs
  • Generous research and conference attendance allowances


Scholarships of £17,500 for PhD students and £22,500 for MBA students are awarded to academics each year and cover living costs, personal expenses, and room and board.

Health Insurance

All scholars receive comprehensive National Health Service health insurance coverage. Spouses and dependents of married scholars are also covered.

Relocation Grants

One-time relocation grants are provided to assist students in moving to the UK from their home country.

Family Allowances

Married scholars with children receive additional financial support covering the living costs of dependents relocating with them.

The enormous investment enables Gates Cambridge Scholars to fully concentrate on their academic careers at one of the world’s best institutions without financial burdens.

Application Process for Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Students interested in applying for Gates Cambridge Scholarships must be aware of the key application procedures and deadlines:

Application Deadlines

There are two annual application rounds based on the University of Cambridge admission cycle:

  • October round: for admission in October of following year
  • January round: admission in September of following year

Exact deadline dates are announced on the Gates Cambridge website.

Required Documents

A complete Gates Cambridge application includes:

  • Academic transcripts and grades
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement explaining academic interests and leadership abilities
  • Research proposal for PhD applicants
  • English language proficiency scores
  • Financial aid application
  • Application form

Assessment Process

The applications undergo rigorous evaluation,, including:

  1. Initial shortlisting is based on academic excellence, personal statements, research proposals, and referees’ endorsements.
  2. Phone or Skype interviews to assess applicants’ academic interests, leadership qualities, and commitment to improving the lives of others.
  3. Final interview in person in the UK or overseas to select scholarship recipients.

Selection criteria focus on academic performance, leadership potential, ability to work in a team, interest in social activities, and accomplishments in extracurricular activities.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships for Specific Courses

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships fund graduate students in all academic disciplines offered at the university. However, there are some variations in eligibility and selection criteria across programs:

Undergraduate Scholarships

A small number of scholarships are awarded to outstanding non-British students for undergraduate study at Cambridge. These are available at all colleges of the university.

Graduate Scholarships

Most scholarships are awarded for postgraduate study, including one-year masters and multi-year PhD degrees. All departments offer PhD opportunities for Gates scholars.

Priority areas for PhD funding include subjects like computer science, infectious diseases, climate change, energy technologies, nanotechnology, engineering, etc. Applicants are encouraged to contact department advisors regarding PhD project funding through the Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

MBA Scholarships

The Cambridge Judge Business School receives a quota of up to three scholarships annually for its outstanding MBA program. Applicants must have at least three years of full-time graduate work experience and must take the GMAT/GRE exam.

Shortlisted MBA candidates are invited for panel interviews with members of the Business School and Gates Cambridge Trust. The key assessment criteria are intellectual ability, leadership qualities, and commitment to improving the lives of others.

Life at Cambridge as a Gates Scholar

Being awarded the Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides scholars with amazing opportunities for academic and personal growth at one of the world’s premier universities.

Vibrant Community

Gates Cambridge Scholars become part of a vibrant community of exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds united by a spirit of scholarship and a passion for social impact.

Networking and Events

There are regular networking events, speaker sessions, symposiums, and informal meetups organized by the Gates Cambridge Scholars Council to encourage meaningful interactions between scholars across disciplines.

Holistic Support

The Gates Cambridge Trust provides scholars with extensive support for academic success and personal wellbeing through mentorship, leadership coaching, skills training, and other development opportunities.

Global Exposure

Scholars gain tremendous global exposure by interacting with international peers and faculty. They are encouraged to participate in international conferences, research collaborations, and study exchanges with partner institutions.

Career Development

The Gates community offers outstanding opportunities for career development through guidance on entrepreneurship, social impact, and contact with the Gates Foundation global network.

Leadership and Social Impact

Scholars are provided opportunities to develop leadership skills and make meaningful social impact through volunteering, activism, and engagement with local communities.

Gates Cambridge scholarships enable outstanding students to join a diverse community of changemakers and maximize their learning experience at one of the world’s best and most renowned universities.


The Gates Cambridge Scholarship offers outstanding international academics a life-changing opportunity to undertake postgraduate study at the prestigious University of Cambridge.

These highly competitive and generous scholarships enable passionate, intellectually outstanding students to fully realize their academic potential without financial constraints.

With thorough preparation and putting one’s best qualities forward through the application, this prestigious scholarship offers a gateway to transformative intellectual growth at one of the world’s premier academic destinations.