Ironing-A-Thon: Kogi's Abdulfattah El-Okene Takes On 200-Hour Marathon For GWR (Video)

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In a remarkable display of determination and skill, Kogi-born Abdulfattah El-Okene has embarked on an extraordinary quest – a 200-hour ironing marathon in the heart of Lokoja.

This iron-wielding enthusiast aims not only to press out wrinkles but to etch his name in history by breaking the Guinness World Record. With unwavering focus and a burning passion for his craft, Abdulfattah embodies the spirit of resilience.

As the iron sizzles and the clock ticks, Lokoja stands witness to a hometown hero chasing a lofty dream. Will Abdulfattah conquer the creases and make history? The city is holding its breath in anticipation.



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