Man Looks More Handsome After Cutting His Dreadlocks (Photo)

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"Goodbye to Dreadlocks": Man Walks into Salon and Cuts His Long Hair, Viral Video Shows His Cute New Looks

A man has finally walked into a salon and cut his dreadlocks after many years of keeping and maintaining the long hair.

The young man pulled down the dreadlocks and his face instantly changed to a more handsome appearance.

Those who have seen the video are praising the man for his handsomeness as it went viral on TikTok.

A TikTok video has shown a man who cut down his dreadlocked hair after keeping it for a long time.

The man's dreadlocks looked neat and well kept and maintained, but it appeared he wanted a change of hairstyle.

In the viral video, the man was first shown siting in the salon and waiting for the saloonist to start work. His dreads were shown in full, and it became obvious that he may have kept it for a long time.

Viral video of a man who cut his dreadlocks
Finally, he was prepared to say goodbye to his dreadlocks. A look on his face suggested he may be feeling bad.

But the final outcome after his hair was cut shows that he became more handsome. He has been hailed by some TikTok users who admire his nice looks. The video was posted by @nhyiraba_haircut.

eactions from TikTok users:
@delahCoffi said:

"Massa when I catch you again with rasta, look how cute you are. Some should kiss my comment."
@Dhada Efpac reacted:

"Now he has 50% chance of getting a job in any private sector in the country."
@nana boakye said:

"Look at how handsome you are."

"I've read manifestos of parties, Peter Obi's own stands out," Tinubu's for...

@me said:

"You look more handsome."
@Mr.Asamoah- said:

"Ei so you were cute like that? And you made Rasta damage your handsome looks."
@Manyo Mawufemor Rita said:

"Aww see how handsome he is looking now."
@Gloriah said:

"You look more handsome without dreads."
Video of a man braiding his daughter's hair
In a related story, reported that a man painstakingly braided his daughter's hair.

It was a nice bonding moment between the man and the child as he carefully braided each thuft.

A lot of people praised the man for his caring attitude after the nice video went viral on TikTok.


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Kayode Matthew
10 months ago

Some people think dreadlovks make them look better

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5 months ago

Wooow now his handsome

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