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1) Password Reset:
for those of you having password Error, the tips below will help you fix it

When you send a password reset link to your email and all you get is your password has been successfully reset without resetting it, go back to the NASIMS portal and resend the link again to get the password reset link to reset your password
While sending the password reset link, you may get a response that something has gone wrong try again pop-up message. Do not stop, Click the send link button until you get a green success pop-up message. The same thing goes for you when resetting your password in your email inbox.

NASIMS Record Update:
Some of you have lots of corrections to carry out while updating your NASIMS records. I have seen some Applicants using certificates in place of passport and National ID card which is wrong. Thank God for the new NASIMS portal you can now edit and correct these mistakes.

If your date of birth was wrongly filled, make sure you correct it when validating your BVN. The correction will reflect on your data after a Successful BVN validation
Make sure your documents size are not above 200kb before uploading if not you will get an error
Make sure that you re-upload your passport along with other documents required if not you will get an error
If you get a pop-up message that your date of birth does not correspond with your BVN during validation, make sure that you fill the date of birth in your BVN record instead if not will get an error.
For those of you having the issue of NASIMS ID, see tips below:

Your NASIMS ID is the Npower registration number boldly written when you login to your NASIMS portal. It starts with NPWR/2020/*****. You need that Id and your NASIMS portal reset Password to write your test
If you get an error while trying to access the test portal with your NASIMS Id and password correctly written, keep trying it might be a network Error.
Note: If you know that you have done everything right but still getting errors, keep trying it might be a network issue.


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