Yes I married for Sex

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"Aaah!" He had an orgasm as he
pushed himself deeper inside his wife.
He paused on top of her as he took in
the pleasure.
He reclined on his side of the bed.
He pulled up the blanket and covered
himself, about to sleep.
"Really? You are sleeping?" She asked
"Yes. Goodnight" he faintly said.
"What about my sexual needs?" She
He said nothing.
She pulled away the blanket from him.
"We need to talk" she told him.
He turned to face her.
"What is this about?" He asked.
"This is about me being sexually
frustrated. Why do you men turn sex
into just about you? Husbands like you
make their wives feel used to only meet
the sexual needs of the man. So you
have cum and now you have no use for
me? You left my body in the cold, you
didn't even cover me" she told him.
He looked at her.
"Don't you think women want sex too? I
need sex. I need my orgasm. I need my
pleasure. One of the big reasons I got
married to you is for sex. Yes, I married
you for love, for companionship, to raise
a family, to be help mates but also for
He sat up on the bed.
She sat to face him "I will not be shy
about it. I am a sexual and sensual
woman. I cannot be married and not
enjoy sex. Come on, this is marriage, I
am entitled to sex with no inhibition. I
am faithful to you and I thank you for
being faithful to me. But faithfulness is
not enough. I want an amazing sex life.
I want my body to feel things"
He showed her his penis saying, "But
honey, my commando is down. He is
"So what? If he is down you can't give
me some sugar? You can't hold me, tell
me how sexy I am, lick me, rub me
down, suck me, squeeze me? Besides,
there are tricks you can do to delay
your orgasm if you are mindful about
me" she said.
"Like what?" He asked.
"Pause. Stop pumping when you feel
you're almost cumming. Pull out when
you're just about and lick me up, make
me wetter, buy yourself time, prolong
your pleasure. Don't just pump in a
hurry as if you are competing with
Usain Bolt to beat a world record"
He laughed.
"Haiya! You're laughing and I am
sexually starving? Take your time. Love
making is an art, be my artist. Paint my
body with your tongue, fingers and hard
commando. Don't be stingy. My vagina
and clit has needs. I wish you men
knew how a woman suffers when she is
horny and not serviced; it is hard to go
away. A sexually frustrated wife is a
moody wife, but a serviced wife glows"
she said.
"Eeh, today you have decided to speak
your mind" he told her.
"I have to. I ain't too proud to beg. One
day my body will age, sex will be
impossible. I have a limited time to
know what great sex is and only you
can give me that as my husband. In
Heaven, I don't think people will get
married, so most likely there will be no
sex in Heaven. Give me a tiny heaven
here on earth. Drive my body crazy"
said she.
"I really love this side of you; sexually
aggressive. A woman who is bold
enough to express her sexual needs is a
major turn on. I suppose us men tend to
only focus on ourselves sexually
because women tend to be passive
about sex. A majority of wives are shy,
too self conscious and just lay there.
But when you talk with such passion, I
am getting hot for you" he said.
She laid on the bed, spread her legs and
said "Good! Now less talking and more
action. I am a horny woman in need of
her husband. Tonight, take me to
another world. Get creative"
He went between her legs and went
down on her. He played with her body.
Touching on her.
The more he touched her, the harder he
became again. They had another round
of love making, this time, both she and
he enjoyed.
May your marriage have a healthy sex
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Obukohwo Odogun
2 years ago

nice prose

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Kingdom Peter
2 years ago

Married for sex? o 

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Mark Chidozie
2 years ago

this is a nice piece

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Aroyameh Vin?i
2 years ago

Before what am i marry for is for u to give me kids

(Quote) (Likes)
Nwaji Chinedu
2 years ago

All good anway

(Quote) (Likes)
Godwin John
2 years ago

That is the reason for marriage but if u base on dat only u guys can never make each other happy

(Quote) (Likes)
Fabian Johnson
2 years ago

everyone with their different heart desire

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Sunday Iduh
2 years ago

Good for you 

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Henry Smith
2 years ago


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1 year ago

been always truthful is the key 

(Quote) (Likes)
Oyeniran Bisi
1 year ago

Amen o. I guess this is the reason why most wives cheat

(Quote) (Likes)
Chidi Okpan
1 year ago

That is it,but not only for sex

(Quote) (Likes)

Marrying for sex only is that one a marriage??

(Quote) (Likes)
Joy Essien Oku
1 year ago

Lovely! 🤝👏👏👏👏

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That woman na Boss oh

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Emeka Obi
1 year ago

You don't have to marry on for sex

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