Rootless love

By Ondoma Owoicho Ferderick   2 years ago   439

I call it ROOTLESS love 
Does that sound really crazy to you?
Yes it is 'cause it made me went crazy though mummy never knew about all of these.

When I meet her, I wasn't really attracted to her personality (character), I could exclusively find my self vehemently disliking her if I ever thought of her reputations.
I was  absolutely attracted to those materialism she has so enticed me with, was I foolish, I thought NO, I have got all I wanted from her- and she never complained she gave all that 
I thought I had a super lover who cared so much 
We were really building our love foundation but only on a rootless foundation, 
does it lasts, 
I thought YES, all we need to keep the love burning was at our reach always so I need no worry.
She can be always very cunning but charming at the same time that she made me subject to all her errors even when I find it disgusting.
My so called lover won't let me have a saying in our relationships as though I was enslaved by a very mean captor, 
she will never allow me think of anything good about my life as though she lords it,
Was she a lord, maybe yes 'cause I gave her my soul in exchange for her inferior fallen shinny #doom I called wealth😪
She will always order for a very remarkable tormented on me for any attempt to think of freedom in life. O M G, what love!
I believe she planned a very good future for my eternal destruction, 
She could trade my joy for any selfish pleasure of hers. Hmmmmm good for me.
I should let someone know
He is the Devil 
He has come to ruin 
I am out 


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Ukpabi Sophia
2 years ago

I never knew that love is rootless?

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This a nice article.

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Obukohwo Odogun
2 years ago

the poetry is nice

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Mark Chidozie
2 years ago

really?, so can this really be true?

i mean, can love really be rootless?

well, this is a nice one

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Nwaji Chinedu
2 years ago

Anyway, still nice 

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Godwin John
2 years ago

Hmm I don't believe in love am a playboy

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2 years ago

Love is a blessed thing 

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Emeka Obi
2 years ago

Indeed a rootless love

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