Don’t Curse Nigeria. Change Bad Leaders In Next Election - President Tinubu (Video)

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President Tinubu, during a Ramadan Iftar gathering with traditional rulers and religious leaders at the State House in Abuja on Thursday, March 28, delivered a poignant message to Nigerians, urging them to refrain from cursing the nation and instead focus on changing bad leaders through the democratic process.

"The love of the nation is in your hands. Pray for our country. Educate our children. The sermons we preach to the members of our churches and mosques are important," President Tinubu expressed passionately.

In a call to action, Tinubu emphasized the power of the vote, stating, "Do not condemn your own nation. If a leader is bad, he should be voted out in the next election." Drawing on Yoruba wisdom, he added, "As a Yoruba man and as our fathers will say, ‘no matter how slippery the bottom of your child is, you must leave the beads there.’"


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This message serves as a cry for accountability and active participation in the democratic process for the betterment of Nigeria.

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