The Blood Bank Fraud At LASUTH By Lola Okunrin

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I have a story that is vexing me about the Blood Bank department of LASUTH. If we don’t call this fraud, then what is it? 😡😡

Okay, people have been saying they do it but i have never believed until it got closer home.

If you are scheduled for a surgery at Lasuth, they make sure you donate 2 pints of blood at the blood bank first before they proceed with the surgery which is very nice. You get people to donate on your behalf irrespective of blood type. They will keep the bloods there so that when you come in for your surgery, you will have blood to go into the theatre with. They collect any blood type but on the day of your surgery, they will give you the exact blood type you need since people have been donating different types. Nice one.

There are agents around who will help you get people to donate those two pints on your behalf for 15k each or one person can donate the two pints for 30k. That’s not the issue.

What’s now the issue?

The issue is that when you come in for the surgery and need the blood you donated earlier, they will never be available. It’s always “no blood on ground”. Your wife is being wheeled into the theatre for surgery, you are running around for blood, therefore won’t care where the blood will come from. Now you have to approach a lab to buy blood.

The attendants will tell you you must only go to the labs registered with them to buy the blood. “Only the ones registered with them” for 25k per pint.

I even heard some doctors are tired of these people. Why is blood always not available after people donate donate donate and keep donating?

After my friend’s wife spent several days there, my friend was only able to recover one of the donated pint of blood from their blood bank from the two he donated. He sourced for the rest.


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May this lead to swift action and safeguards to protect the well-being of patients and uphold ethical standards in healthcare delivery.

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