Man Sticks 68 Match-Sticks In His Nose To Break Guiness World Record

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A Danish man has earned an unusual Guinness World Records title after he managed to stuff 68 matchsticks into his nostrils.

Peter von Tangen Buskov, 39, was awarded the title for the most matches held in the nose, surpassing Guinness World Records’ goal of 45 matchsticks, reports.

"Surprisingly it didn’t really hurt,” Buskov told GWR. “I have fairly large nostrils and quite stretchy skin. I’m sure that helped a lot.”

Buskov said he chose the matchstick challenge after researching different world records he could attempt. He said he doesn’t think he can currently beat his own record, but he hasn’t ruled out trying again in the future.

“For me, an increase in capacity would require some training, or perhaps my nose will grow as I get older,” he said.


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