College urges job seekers to gain international profession certificate

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  • college urges jobseekers to gain international professional certifications



If you are looking for a job in Nigeria where millions of other citizens are jobless and also searching for a job, you need to follow a unique approach that will set you apart from other job candidates and give you a higher chance of securing one, an educational outfit, Clarion College, has advised.

In a statement by the college, it noted that according to the popular adage, “There are many ways to catch a fish”. In this context, one of the best ways of setting yourself above other job candidates and increasing your chances of getting a fish (job) in the crowded Nigerian job market is by gaining an International Professional Certification.

An International Professional Certification proves to employers that you have the required level of skillfulness, expertise, experience, and competence that they are looking for in a candidate and that you are fully committed to improving and succeeding in your field.

The good news is that this certification can’t only help you get a job in Nigeria alone. With an international professional certification, you can also apply for, and get jobs abroad as well.

If you are already working, an International Professional Certification can increase your chances of being promoted to a higher role in the institution you work for. And this increase in roles will also lead to higher pay.



Reports by the Bureau of Labour Statistics state that having a professional certification enables you to earn a higher income as compared to your non-certified colleagues.

The college listed some international professional certifications obtainable in Nigeria that can give you a better chance of securing a job:

  • SAP Certification

Due to the advancement in technology, companies in Nigeria and other countries around the world are currently making use of SAP software modules such as Human capital

Management (HCM) Material management (MM) Plant maintenance (PM) , and several others to make their business operations more effective, seamless and efficient.

So, you can learn how to properly use any of these software modules and obtain a certification in it so that you can have access to numerous career opportunities and be able to work in various roles and industries.

SAP software modules usually focus on handling different aspects of a business’ operations so you can go for the specific module that you either have background knowledge on or prefer the most.

If you are already working in a company that uses an SAP software module, you can obtain a certification in the specific module so that you can boost your credibility and convince the organization that you work with that you are qualified to handle higher roles, positions, and tasks, which will also lead to you getting higher compensation.


  • International HR Certifications

A Human Resource (HR) officer is one of the most essential workers in an organization that ensures smooth operations, enhances a great working environment, and makes sure that the management and employees are on the same page. So, organizations in and out of Nigeria need an HR professional and this makes those who are certified in the role in very high demand.

And there are a lot of other people getting into this role due to the increase in its demand, You can distinguish yourself from other HR professionals and job candidates by obtaining international HR Certifications such as aPHRO, SPHRI, PHRI, GPHR, SHRM,CP and SHRM-SCP that will give you a competitive advantage over them.


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Aside from HR professionals, Project Management professionals are also a very important part of an organization that is usually needed to ensure smooth operations. They ensure that teams are well-managed and projects are well-executed at the right time and within a certain budget.

So, if you don’t fancy going into the HR industry, you can get into the Project Management field and obtain this certification. Also, if you are already working as a project manager, ensure you make obtaining this certification a top priority, as it will boost your career.

Gaining the project management professiona certificate will give you access to a lot of career opportunities and will also enhance your earning potential.

Plus, this certification is recognized internationally so you can use it to apply for and get professional project management jobs in different countries around the world.


  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Levels 1, 2, and 3 Certification

Companies in industries such as the manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, construction, and transportation industries that use very complex and high-risk machinery, materials, and operational methods often require the service of an HSE professional to make sure their workers and environment are kept safe at all time, so you can choose to obtain this certification and become one.

The advantage of being a certified HSE student is that you can work in organizations in different industries and with your certification, employers can be assured that you have the required knowledge about HSE practices and how to properly implement them in their organization to make sure a safer work environment is created to significantly reduce workplace risks and accidents.

And when you apply for HSE job roles with other uncertified candidates, you will definitely be preferred over them because organizations always want to hire someone who is proven in the field over those who aren’t.

  • Healthcare Assistant Caregiver Certification

If you are in the health industry or want to get into it, you can opt for the healthcare assistant caregiver certification.

In this you will be taught all you need to know about administering care and working in nursing homes, daycare centers, personal residences, and hospitals in Nigeria, or anywhere around the world.


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