Endangers of listening worldly songs

By Alexander Ajoko Shimasaan Bobo   2 weeks ago   41
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Let's define what endanger means; Endangers means to be at risk, something that hinders, something that corrupts, something that makes a consequence.

Worldly things are those self satisfactionable desires of the flesh, there are weaknesses.

Let's talk about things that endangers our lives; 1. Worldly songs; worldly songs are inspired by the self satisfactionable desires of the word, they make u want what other people want instead of waiting for the right one from the spirit of God. 

2. Life styles; life style is the way a particular person lives his life. Life styles tend to descrupt a person if the person acquires it the wrong way.

These are the basic endangers in a person's life.

Now how worldly songs endangers our lives

1. It lowers your desire for God's plan 

2. It makes your mindset harden 3. It makes you hide away from the truth 4. It makes you desire the things of the world 5. It makes you get into lust easily.

These are the endangers of worldly songs.

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