Nigerian Shares His Experience At National Orthopaedic Hospital, Kano

By Mod2   3 months ago   53
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I mostly use private healthcare facilities when the need arises even though my first child was delivered at public facility (safe and sound).

As a result of a knee injury I sustained recently, I decided to use the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Kano.

I went to the hospital early and processed necessary payments. In under 4 hours, I was able to do some tests, an X-ray scan, and saw a doctor who has more than 2 decades of experience. My conversation with the doctor confirmed my earlier assumption of his experience and wealth of knowledge (in both medicine and religion).

I paid a meager N650 for consultation and also a subsidized fee for the X-ray scan and test.

Nigeria happened to me. If you were expecting a sad story, that's on you.


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