Dr Simi Sola Of NHS Resigns After 20 Years

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After working in the NHS for 20 years, I decided to leave my permanent role as Partner to create more capacity in my life to contribute to health systems development in the two countries that have made the most impact in my life personally and professionally.
Nigeria educated me almost for free. My colleagues racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars to become doctors, Nigeria made me a doctor for next to nothing. Handed me over to the United Kingdom for my higher training and leadership development, which are invaluable. From NHS Top Leaders programme to the accelerated director development scheme and many more.
Apart from work, these countries looked after my health in my most difficult moments. I have had surgeries in both countries and been well cared for.

My mission is to continue to work across these two countries who are special in their own ways.

I am open to health systems development work in these two countries only.


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Chidera Udekwe
4 months ago

Congratulations to simi sola for your hardwork on NHS for 20 years

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