Went To Hilda Bacis Restaurant To Eat. Pictures And Prices And Review Included (Photos)

By Mod2   3 months ago   69
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So I went to see my gurl Hilda Baci to see what she got cooking. had to empty the bank akant just to bring yall this content. the place is alright, the AC is very strong, its small and cute.

The food prices? A bit on the high side for like swallow eaters like soup starts from 5000 naira. Just the soup alone without the meat and swallow. the rice i bought is 1500, the fish 2000 and malt is 400 for a total of 3900 naira. the food was straight up garbage. TAsted horrible. I could only stomach half of it till i abandoned the rest. I give it a solid 3 out of 10.

The positives are the AC is very cold and the malt was very cold. would i go back ? nope





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