Tomato Price Crashes As Ghana, Cameroon Supplies Hit Nigerian Markets

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The price of tomato has crashed in most Nigerian markets as supplies from Ghana and Cameroun have arrived the county’s markets.

Daily Trust findings revealed that due to the recent tomato scarcity that hit the nation as a result of the Tuta Absoluta pest attack on tomato plantations, tomato merchants have resolved to import the crop from Ghana and Cameroon to complement the supply in Nigeria, and as a result the price of tomato which had gone up initially has crashed.

A check revealed that a big basket of tomato which was selling for over N50,000 recently is now selling for N18,000 to N20,000 in Kano State due to its availability.

The Kano State Chairman of Tomato Out Growers Association of Nigeria (TOGAN), Alhaji Sani Danladi Yadakwari, disclosed that the scarcity experienced initially was as a result the pest attack, adding that with supplies from Ogun State in Nigeria and two other African countries, tomato supply had been stabilised relatively and the price crashed.

He said, “With supplies now coming from Ogun State and the two African countries, Cameroon and Ghana, tomato merchants have succeeded in crashing tomato price, and availability is now stable.”


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