It's been one month since I buried my husband but it still feels like a dream

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Nollywood actress, Chioma Cijioke Anosika cried out that it still feels like a dream that she has lost her husband to the cold hands of death. The husband was buried a month ago.




She took to her Instagram page where she shared a video to express how she feels. She said in the caption, "It's exactly one month today since I lowered my husband to the ground and it still feels like a dream". She feels she should just wake up to find out that all that is happening to her is a dream but it's real. The actress also revealed that she has been finding it hard to sleep. 




She definitely is still finding it hard to deal with the pain. She doesn't know how to continue living without her husband. She said, "There is this hold in my heart that refused to be filled". Losing her husband feels like the world has ended. 




Chioma Chijioke is a vibrant Nollywood actress. She normally plays funny characters in a movie and most times acts as a village girl. No doubt, her husband's death affected daily activities and her career. She still needs time to heal. 



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Damilare Adejumo
6 months ago

May he rest in peace

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6 months ago

Eyya rip to him

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