Oladeji haven't had sex for five years

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Yoruba movie actress, Olaide Oyedeji has used her new Instagram post to reveal how long she has not had a s€xaul intercourse with a man. She took to her Instagram page to share the post, in which she disclosed that she has not had s€x with a man for the past five years.




You may recall that the actress has separated from her ex-husband, actor Olukotan Alan, and since their breakup she has managed to keep her relationship status off social media, but her latest revelation might be an indication that she has not been in a relationship recently. She stated that she has not had s€x in five years, and this is something she can no longer take anymore.




In the statement she made on her Instagram page, she said, "Oh God, I haven't had s€x in 5 years; please help me, Lord, I can't take this anymore."




The actress has established herself as a well-known Yoruba movie actress thanks to her talent and the roles she plays in movies, which have helped her achieve more fame in recent times.


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4 months ago

Conji na bastard 😂😂

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Adewale Taiwo
2 months ago

This is serious matter oo

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Wow is so 

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