'Worry More About We Omo Ales, & We Plenty' - Mobolaji Ejike Danta To MC Oluomo

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Reacting to the video of MC Oluomo asking Igbos who do not intend voting APC to sit at home on Election Day, a Twitter user, @kuppylee, has asked MC Oluomo to not even be worried about Igbo voters in Lagos but Yoruba voters are not intending to vote for APC in the governorship election.

Referring to himself as an “Omo Ale”, in mockery of APC supporters who tag Yorubas supporting a different party as bastards sons of the Yoruba race (Omo Ale), Kuppylee said that there are plenty of them.

The tweet has generated over 6k retweets and over 14k likes.

A perusal through the comment section of the tweet shows reactions of people of the Yoruba ethnic group agreeing with his position and declaring their intention to vote against APC as they did during the presidential election.

Like someone said somewhere, even if all Igbos in Lagos stay at home on Election Day, Sanwolu might still lose.

APC seems to have been channeling their propaganda to the wrong direction all along.

Mobolaji Ejike Dantata Wrote:

Igbos are not the ones he should be worried about, he should be worried about we Omo Ale Yorubas and we are plenty.







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Kayode Matthew
2 months ago

Yes oo that's true 

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