Reaction Of A Man After Attending Jehovah's Witnesses Wedding For The First Time

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A man has given an honest appraisal of the first wedding ceremony he attended conducted by Jehovah's witnesses. Do you guys agree with his assessment? What do you think?

I witnessed a Jehovah's Witnesses wedding for the first time in my life.

It was so simple and serene. The congregants all appeared down-to-earth. No drums and instruments or chanting, just humans talking with humans soothingly. It feels good to experience something different once a while.

The groom couldn't wait to unveil his wife's face and kiss da heck outta her lips. He got everyone laughing so cheerfully.

And oh, I loved the closing song, especially the chorus. The harmony and passion with which the congregants sang was so heartwarming:

"Love—unfailing love—
That’s what Jehovah gives.
That’s what he is.

Love—unfailing love—
That’s what we need to live.
And the love here today,
In our heart may it stay."

And to that I said amen.

Congratulations to you and your husband, my good friend Mercy Orlu

Your Co-Traveler,
Mister Maple.


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Oputibeya Taribo
2 months ago

Congratulations to them

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There wedding ceremony are so exciting

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