I Won The James Currey Prize 2022, Yet Hundeyin Got The Fellowship - Rose Okeke

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This is so interesting because I am the current winner of the James Currey Prize 2022, and yet my “fellowship” was given to someone else when I raised some issues about the shady offer of representation I received from an agency owned by…you guessed it. 🥴

And when I reached out to him via email to know why my fellowship had been given to someone else WITHOUT my knowledge or consent, he gave me a very sexist and sarcastic response. LOL. We in the literary circle are glad this is finally coming to light.

My main account was suspended last year so I’m using my film promo account to tweet this btw, after vowing not to return to twitter. I’m shocked no one clocked his violent misogyny and classism before with all his tweets.



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Kayode Matthew
3 months ago

The winner deserve the fellowship

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David Diepiriye
3 months ago

She really deserve this fellowship

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