Mary Magdalene Massive Implant Bursts In One Of Her 22lb Boobs (graphic Photos)

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A Canadian model who is addicted to extreme plastic surgery has left many shocked after she revealed that one of her 10kg breast implants exploded.

Mary Magdalene, who is well known for showcasing her plastic surgery enhancements online - has spent more than $100,000 on surgery over the years and almost died on the operating table several times. Her extensive procedures have also left her with severe back pain, meaning she needs a wheelchair to get around.

In the latest setback, one of her 5000cc implants has now burst, leaving her with an enormous 'uniboob' and a saggy, empty breast next to it.

'My breast implant popped - again,' said the Toronto native, who is scheduled to 'have surgery to take them [both] out next week'.

'I'm going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body, too,' she told her 163,000 Instagram followers.

She also revealed during a livestream that it didn't hurt when her implant burst, and she only realised what was happening when she heard a 'pop'. She went on to say that she's going to take out her 38J implants and revert to her natural self.

Mary's massive boobs have gotten her in trouble before.

Last summer she claimed her 22-pound breasts got her booted from a flight from Canada to Dallas for looking too explicit.?





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3 months ago

She should go back to her natural self

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Adewale Taiwo
2 months ago

This is to much for her

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