Surprised Khosi Touches Yemi’s Erect Manhood At BBTitans (Video)

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In a video obtained by report, the two Big Brother Titans housemates could be seen having a conversation on the bed when Khosi’s eyes went down Yemi’s trouser and spotted his erected manhood.

Surprised by his erection, Khosi (South African) asked Yemi (Nigerian) why his manhood was hard while she was touching it.

Yemi who seemed to be short of words said that it’s always hard which got Khosi laughing. They went on to hug each other.

This isn’t the first time the couple has been caught on camera. Barely 48 hours after the twenty housemates were introduced, Khosi and Yemi were caught on camera kissing each other.


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It is natural phenomenal

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Duru Nereus
1 year ago

What are they really impacting in us

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