"I Want To Live To Be 150!" Famous Nigerian Centenarian Shares How She Kengthens Her Life

By Ayinde Habeebullahi Akinyemi   10 months ago   153
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An Nigerian woman, Sefi Oyeyemi, was born in Abuja in 1896. She lived through both world wars, saw the country be led by tens of politicians. In the Nigerian Book of Records she is listed as the oldest living person in the world - on March 14, she turned 126 years old. Sefi managed to outlive not only her peers, but also many children of her peers.

This great-great-grandmother regularly undergoes medical examinations. Every year the doctors say the same thing: she’s as healthy as a horse, she could give astronauts a run for their money in that regard.

Despite such a long life, Sefi Oyeyemi rarely left her countryside home and always refused whenever her children would offer to move her to the city. Her children were, naturally, concerned about leaving a woman of such age alone. But Sefi couldn’t care less about her age.

Sefi Oyeyemi lives in a large wooden house, which was built by her late husband. The elderly woman takes care of the residence. Besides that she also has a 10 acre garden the entirety of which she cultivates annually. Sefi also cares for a brood of hens and her goat, Molly. And surprisingly, the old woman has enough energy for all of this.

We visited the centenarian to interview her and uncover her main secret - how do you live so long and not get ill. While enjoying Mrs. Sefi Oyeyemi lovely tea brew, we realise that she has other concerns besides us. Not wanting to waste her time, we immediately get to the point of our visit.


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