"When A Man Impregnates His Wife, He Has Committed Sin" - Evangelist Says (Video)

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When a preacher said that a man commits sin when he impregnates a woman, his audience objected.

When the statement was made, the preacher was giving sermons to travelers at a bus stop.

If a man impregnates his wife, that man has done sin, he said when asked to repeat himself.

It is a sin because it is a product of this world, he continued.

He was warned by passengers that he shouldn't have been born in those situation, to which he responded, "Did I request someone to birth me? Did I beg anyone to conceive me?"


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Alamu Ayomide
4 months ago

If the man trully committed sin did he think he will have been alive 

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Adewale Luknan
4 months ago

See problem

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Awodo Toma
4 months ago

Confusion pastor confusing members

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