Fuel scarcity, epileptic power supply and 2023 election

By Ugwah Charles Chidiebere   10 months ago   165
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I wish to express my disappointment to the happenings in the country. If NNPC filling station at Abule-Ado bus stop, badagry express can sell fuel for #169, and collect #1000 from people who buys in Jerry cans, then what type of country are we in? 

Should we talk of electricity supply in Nigeria? Some areas enjoy uninterrupted supply like oteyi estate, omo-onile up to Abule-Ado and iyana isashi. All these places enjoy stable supply while areas like Iba Estate and it's environs suffer. Government are just suffering the masses. They should know that whatever anyone sows he or she will definitely reap. Come February 2023, all those that are angry like me shou go out and vote. If you don't know your polling unit go online and type your code located at the top left corner of your pvc on a browser and you will locate your polling station. God help us.


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