The Plight Of Ginger Farmers In Southern Kaduna

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I come from Kaduna State, southern Kaduna to be precise. A native of Ham chiefdom who are known to be the top Ginger producing communities and that is why Kaduna State top the five Ginger producing states in Nigeria, which includes Bauchi state, Benue State, Gombe State and Nasarawa.

Farming Ginger is not an easy job, due to the fact that everything is done manually. Starting from clearing the land, digging the soil, cutting the seed into smaller pieces, buying of cow dung and spreading on the land, farming (Which require some to be dropping the smaller pieces of the seed, while others will use hoe to cover the seeds), covering the farm land with leaves, weeding (which can be done two or three times before harvest time), fertilizer application (Applied twice or thrice), harvesting (Done by digging and picking each seed) slicing each and drying.
Note that during last farming season, a basin of Ginger seed was going for N12,000 which will only cover a very small portion. Also note that fertilizer which use to cost N8,000 but last farming season, the Local government offered subsidized fertilizer at @ N21,700

Despite this stress, the local dealers are regulating the prices at will, leaving poor farmers helpless.

From October 2021 to October 2022, a bag of Ginger was sold between N30,000 to N34,000 depending on how clean your Ginger is. A bag is usually 41kg. At least it was a little consolation to farmers.

From November local dealers started bringing down the price, knowing farmers have no option, since they have needs. From 30k to 28k, to 21k to 20k to 18k to 15k and now back 20k.

Whereas I have been following the wholesale price of Ginger online. Let's take the price of Ginger as at 17th December, 2022.
It was sold at $3.58 per kg. Each bag is 41kg, assuming $ is N700, it means it was going N102,746 and if we keep $ at N500, then it was going for N73,390 but as at that 17th December, local dealers were buying from famers @N18,000. HABA

I only know few dealers who use their personal money to buy ginger, transport to the wholesale market and sell it.
But must of them have bigger dealers within and outside the country who supply them with money to purchase ginger, while trailers keep coming to pack them away to the person that gave out the money.
My issue here is, most times you here that the bigger dealers pay this local dealers between 45k-60k per 41kg bag(Depending on who is providing the money) then this local dealers will inturn exploit the farmers by buying between 18-25 0r 30k-34k as the case of oct last year to oct this year.
This is really unacceptable.

Please if there is anyone who have an idea on ginger market should help and anyone who have ideas on how we can get out of the grip of these local dealers should please help.


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