SA Woman Too Fat To Enter New Zealand, Now Plus Size Model (Photos)

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A South African mom who was told that she had to lose weight before she could get residency in New Zealand, plans to become a plus-size model.

In February Mondelea Bezuidenhout’s residency application was rejected based on her weight.

She was told being overweight would put a strain on the country’s health system.

Doctors had ruled Bezuidenhout to be in good health despite weighing 128kg, a year ago.

According to reports she was told that she had to lose 30kg or leave.

NZ immigration said she was 'too fat' to stay but determined SA mom shed the weight so her family could get residency

Bezuidenhout said her family’s entire future was on her, and she did as she was told, embarking on a diet-and-exercise regime.

The family was eventually granted residency.

She exercises five days a week and said she had kept the weight off and was not bothered about being fat shamed.

“I’ve always wanted to be a plus-size model, like the Donna Claire ladies – I even named my daughter Donna-­Lee. I’ve always been bigger than other people and I’ve accepted myself for who I am,” she told YOU.







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