Which Wild Animal Could Have Ripped Off The Neck Of Our Goat Like This? (Video)

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We are having this kind of attack second time this month and the pattern of the attack is exactly the same.

Due to farm invasion of our livestocks, we only allow them to graze at night and leave them till daybreak while we let them into their cage.

The first victim of this wild attack was Huda ram, he was sick and want missing, after about the third day, we found him with his head ripped off from the neck, likewise the second goat, brought in for mating about 12 days ago, felt sick, recovering, went to graze and the second day we met him this way.

We are currently working on installing perimeter net for the first part of the land we intend to use for livestock, that's about 3 acres, it separates the farm from the remaining land meant for crop plantation.

Which animal do you think is on the prowl?
Kindly suggest how to capture or kill this animal.

My name is Mide Oludipe, I'm a graduate of geography and I'm a regenerative agriculture expert seeking to create a niche in modern agriculture.




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Udeh Israel
1 year ago

Omo which kind of animal be this one

The animal will just remove only the goat neck

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1 year ago

I have not see this kind of animal before

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This is strange

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