Ebonyi Governor, Dave Umahi Hosts Bola Tinubu To Dinner In Abakaliki (Photos)

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Gov Umahi today in the course of receiving the incoming President of the Federal Republic, Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu, proved a point that is very spectacular, very unique and worthy to be crested on the sand of time, Gov Umahi has pleasantly proved that Ebonyi State can actually be the lens by which the world can see South Easwwwqw

Today, the Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress witnessed a State conquered with rapid human and infrastructural development.

Today, South East has just earned a golden feather through the testaments of Asiwaju on the honest and holistic wonder performance of Governor David Nweze Umahi in the land of Ebonyi State.

No doubt Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has seen the true meaning of the man who contested humbly with him in the last concluded APC Presidential primaries, a man with vigor and gut, a pro in leadership, a pathfinder and a modest achiever.





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Udeh Israel
1 year ago

Make 2023 come make we know who go enter that sit

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Musa Akeem
1 year ago

That's awesome

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This gathering is fantastic 

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