This Could Be The Reason Why Our Farm Was Poisoned (Photos,Video)

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Last year when the model for the project was conceived and we eventually settled for this community, we took our time to discuss with the locals who were at the time farming on the land and the subject of our discussion was that they shouldn't see us as a threat but instead an ally because we have not come to disrupt their farming business by buying over their farmland from families who has earlier lease it to them and in the whole 8 acres, there are 4 farmers in 4 different locations and the estimate of the total land area they are farming is less than 3 acres while the remaining 5 acres remained a thick forest.

we manually cleared an acre where we currently build our administrative building cum hostel and the breeders/brooding pen as an extension and towards the southern part where we have the river, we cited the goat house and behind the goat house will later house our garden majorly for ugu farm.

our efforts and energy was towards the building first hence we work both day and night doing land scrapping and packing sand for moulding block. Our first big hurdle was to make road to make the site accessible. It was during the end of the rainy season with big rain falling, there was only a foot path that lead to this place with cocoa trees on the way with their arms extending to the road. the foot path could not even accommodate 2 people at a time.

So we met with the family who own the cocoa trees by the road to notify them of our intent to make road but they refused and will not agree until we pay them a sum of twenty thousand naira (20k). The couple who should be in their late 50s to early 60s keep asking if we know how much a Congo of cocoa is worth but our response remains this cocoa is on the road. We later agreed on ten thousand naira which they actually collected.

The day we paid and as we are paying, another person came saying we should come and meet him to negotiate what their fee would be for the road to be able to lead to our site directly as the road passes through their land too and there was no provision for it. It dawn on us that it's an attempt to frustrate and milk is further so we head on, made the road, cut some trees which people from the community later came to gather for firewood and we also have a reason to cut 2 tall Palm trees. I've never seen Palm trees as tall as that in my life. They wiggle at a blown of a little breeze.

The owner of the trees got angry and summoned us to a meeting, he keep repeating that we paid 10k to the other people and we want to cheat him even after the couple has told us to settle him. it was quite embarrassing but we gave him another 10k just to stay focused on the assignment but anytime our path crossed with those 2 people, even though we greet, the onus is always poor as the treatment melted at us is not fair.

Fast forward to February during the early planting season, we reach out to all the farmers on our land to notify them not to let their planting and harvesting season exceed September/October, at that time, we have not even roofed the building and shortly after we made the announcement, we heard a rumour about how they are mocking us and the project. All they knew about the project was that we wanted to build a poultry while they reference a man who came a years earlier to set up garri processing plant but could not start after putting a buka. If someone with a buka couldn't start, then they felt the odds was against us.

Fast forward to August, the house is roofed, a room plastered, all other rooms floored, burglary proof installed and the unusual happened, one of our sheep gave birth, 4 others are heavily pregnant and their current place at that time is not conducive. It's an abandoned poultry house currently used to rear cow and on many occasions we've battled with cow tick and other parasites which could easily kill lambs so in 3 days at exactly 23rd of August, we came into the new farm.

On arrival, the goat house is completed but not yet floored and the perimeter fence we intend to use chainlink net for has not been installed. We are short of fund had to open a donation link to solicit for fund and because of the thick forest around, the animals could not made a way to people's farm at the time while we also discussed the situation with the farmers.

Alas, we got the chainlink net but the excessive rain has gotten the road we made slippery which could easily make the lorry get stuck. So there was this sunny afternoon we thought everything was perfect, called the vehicle to bring the gravel and 10min to arrival, it started raining heavily. Eventually the man drop the sand by the main road while the bricklayer who was meant to use the material complained about the distance. Meanwhile, it's already October, the agreed time for the farmers to vacate the land has come but we realized they are replanting so we overlook it while we also update them about our challenges regarding our efforts in restraining the animals who at the time has mastered the road that lead to each farm and know where to go when they want to eat a particular crop.

Again we met with the farmers but this time individually to discuss payment for their farmland our animals destroyed but they all refused to collect money and just when we are thinking that we've finally got allies, tragedy struck, infact it was the day we got the gravel and finish securing their house.

The spot where we saw the poison is being farmed by a Nigerian and his farm is the smallest, less than an acre. The other 2 farmers are Beninoise.

He usually don't come to farm but the day of the incident, he came. In other not to accuse anyone falsely, I narrated our ordeal to the IPO since the project began and we all conclude it could be anyone among the 3 or even the villagers who path might have crossed for no good.but the probability of being the person that farm the portion the poison is met is small.





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