BrainersNG And OOPL Launch ₦6 Million Scholarship Competition In Ogun, Ondo And Oyo State

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BrainersNG Partners Youth Development Center, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library For 2022 Virtual Scholarship Competition

Competition–based tests have been shown to have correlative relationship with better learning. More importantly when a student’s performance after a competition-based test is duly compensated with a good reward system, it enhances high academic motivation and helps in building a sustainable learning habit.

In a statement by the BrainersNG Project Development Executive, Ms. Owonifaari Oluwaseun, “Most scholarship competitions in Nigeria are administered to a few top brilliant students in a class or school, leaving the remaining students either brilliant or not, less motivated without getting a chance to be rewarded for their level of academic performance”.

“Moreso, most competition-based examinations are majorly focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related subjects, a practice that is fast pushing Arts and Commercial involvement, especially at the secondary school level, into oblivion.”

“In order to change this narrative, BrainersNG has partnered the Youth Development Center, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in conducting the 2022 edition of BrainersNG Annual Virtual Scholarship Competition AVSC. This competition is open to all brilliant students in Junior and Senior Secondary Schools and we are rewarding all participants of the competition who registers, take the test and checks their score on our portal”, she added.

She further explained that any student who adjudges himself/herself brilliant is free to log-on to, register and take a test in any preferred subject. “We are not mandating any subject on any student, if a student prefers mathematics the student should take mathematics test on the platform. All the test questions on BrainersNG are according to school curriculum” She explained.

BrainersNG is the Ed-tech project of Brainers-Nigeria Educational Services; a project targeted at bridging the knowledge assessment gap with Tech while motivating, rewarding, and supporting students.

The 2022 Edition of BrainersNG Annual Virtual Scholarship Competition is on-going in Ogun, Ondo and Oyo States. This edition is set to reward students with over 6 Million Naira worth of scholarships. Only students schooling in these States are eligible to take the competition.


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