Uju Anya Celebrated T.B Joshua's Death (Throwback)

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Prof. Uju Anya's tweet after Prophet T.B Joshua's death

Celebrating the well deserved death of lying thieving charlatan TB Joshua, who cheated�millions�out of people in their most desperate days with fake prophecies and cruel promises of miracles and cures for diseases from which he couldn’t even save his sorry self. Rot in piss.

For those coming with “don’t speak ill of the dead” business, know where I stand on your tone policing nonsense. I don’t owe the family or people who loved TB Joshua my respect or silence about all the harm he caused. Just because they’re mourning a monster doesn’t mean I should.

I speak ill of the dead. If you made life choices that harmed people and caused destruction, I’ll praise your death. I don’t care if your family or people you didn’t choose to wound loved you and are sad you’re gone. I will dance on your grave singing ding dong the witch is dead.




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Iroro Ozokeraha
2 months ago

God Abeg o

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Peace Marvelous
1 month ago

That's not normal it's an easy rubbish

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