Crossdresser, James Brown Captured Crying As He Mourns Late Queen Of England (Photo,Video)

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James Brown, a Nigerian transgender, has posted on social media to express his condolences for the passing of Elizabeth II, the late queen of England, who passed away on Thursday, September 8.

The self-described "Queen of Africa" released a video of himself "wailing" as his pals comforted him on Instagram after learning of the Queen's passing.

He composed;

"I can't believe the woman I look up to is gone; my heart is bleeding.

It hurts that the person I look up to and admire, the person of grace and principles, has abandoned me in this evil world. I will miss you very much, my GOD MOTHER QUEEN ELIZABETH THE 8th.

I appreciate your love, support, and advice in helping me launch James Brown Empire."


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This is a wonderful fun maker.

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Iroro Ozokeraha
2 months ago

Lol, James brown though we understand 

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Anyanwu Benedict
2 months ago

This is really touching??but God knows why, he has the answer

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