Veteran Actor Emeka Ani Healed By God Of The Lord's Chosen (Video)

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He had to fly in From Enugu state to come appreciate the GOD of Chosen for giving him a second chance to live.

According to the Actor/ Producer, his predicament began in December 2020.
He attended a burial ceremony in his village and 2 days after, he had a sign of boil in his buttocks. After a meeting with his doctor in owerri, an operation was to be carried out.

After the operation, the sores refused to heal. He was in the hospital for about 7months lying down as he could not seat down, he could not eat what he likes, he could not Bath normally. They had to make use of towel and water on him for good 7months.

According to him, he had to tell the doctor to discharge him so he could go to search for other means to treat the sores as they refused to go. He left owerri and landed in Enugu in June 2021 and he was fired with Stroke.

He began to run from pillar to post. Everywhere he was taken to, there was no solution. According to him, he visited the biggest hospital in Anambra state where Stroke is cured, all to no avail.

He said February 2022, He contacted the Servant of GOD, Pst Lazarus Muoka of the Lord's Chosen Charismatic revival ministry , telling him he was coming to Lagos to meet with him.
By the grace of GOD , he came to lagos and attended the service at the Lord's Chosen. He got an opportunity to meet with the Servant of GOD.

According to Prince Emeka Ani, the Servant of God, Pst Lazarus Muoka prayed for him and told him he will come back to testify.

Today , after his Encounter with the Lord's Chosen, Prince Emeka Ani who could not seat for about 1yr and 7months is healed, Hale and hearty.

The Sores that defiled all medical and trade- medical treatments has disappeared.

The Stroke that hit him and made his hand, leg and mouth not functioning well is all gone.

Prince Emeka Ani is totally Healed!
Only GOD can do this.
The GOD of Chosen answers Prayer
The GOD of Chosen is so Great.





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This country and so many doings

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Moses Sunday
1 year ago

That's what God can do

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