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The Boulder and the Gold

The Story:

There once was a king who

decided to do a little experiment.

He had a giant boulder put right in

the middle of the street. He then

hid near the boulder to see who, if

anyone, would try to move it out

of the way.

First, some wealthy merchants

walked by. They walked around

the boulder, complaining that the

king hasn’t been maintaining the

roads very well.

Next, a peasant walked by,

heading home with his arms full

of food for his family. When he

noticed the boulder, he put his

groceries down and attempted to

move it out of everyone’s way. It

took him a while to move it, but

he eventually succeeded.

If you’re able to push through moments that are

challenging, you may end up being much better off

than you were before you started trying.

After the peasant gathered up his

groceries to carry on home, he

noticed a bag lying in the middle

of the road, just where the boulder

once was.

He opened the bag to find that it

was stuffed full of gold coins ,

along with a letter from the king

saying that the bag’s gold was a

reward for the peasant to keep.

The king gave this gift because

the peasant had taken the time

and energy to move the boulder

out of the road for the

convenience of others who would

be traveling the road in the future.

The Moral:

The peasant in this story was

taught by the king that every

obstacle you face offers an

opportunity to improve.

If you’re able to push through

moments that are challenging,

you may end up being much

better off than you were before

you started trying.

This story also offers a lesson of

personal responsibility.

If you see a job ahead of you,

don’t leave it for the next person

to do. Rather, step up and get the

job done to help the people who

come after you.

(To learn more about this

concept, here are 8 key

ingredients of personal

responsibility .)

7. Dirty Money

The Story:

A well-respected speaker began a

seminar by showing an audience

of 150 people a crisp $20 bill.

He asked, “Who wants this $20


All 150 people nodded.

He said, “I am going to give this

money to someone, but first….”

Then he proceeded to crumple the

bill up.

He asked the crowd again if

anyone wanted it.

All 150 hands went up in the air.

The speaker then dropped the

money on the floor and stomped

all over it.

He then raised it in the air to show

the crowd. The money was filthy.

“Does anyone want it now?”

Every hand went up.

The speaker proceeded to tell the

crowd that no matter what he did

to ruin the money, people still

wanted it because its value

remained the same .

It was still worth $20.

The Moral:

Life often beats us up to the point

where we feel inadequate. We

deal with bad circumstances and

make bad choices that we have to

deal with later. However, no

matter what you go through, your

value will remain the same .

You have something special to

offer that no one can take away

from you.

8. The Ultimate Test

The Story:

One night, four college students

stayed up late partying, even

though they knew they had a test

the next day. The next morning,

they came up with a plan to get

out of having to take their test.

Each student rolled around in dirt

and then went to the teacher’s


They told the teacher that they

had gotten a flat tire the night

before, and they spent the entire

night pushing their car back to


The teacher listened, and to the

students’ delight, he offered a

retest three days later.

On the day of the test, the

students went to their teacher’s

office. The teacher put all four of

the students in separate rooms to

take the test. The students were

okay with that because they had

been given a chance to study.



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