Successful Female Forex traders in the world

By Abubakar Aminu Bello   3 months ago   57

There is this saying that says what a man can do a woman can also do it better well this women just prove it 

General forex and crypto trading isn’t for women according to many sources on the internet it was stated that only 5 percent of people in the blockchain technology are women

Forex trading is quit a complicated task and it’s takes a lot of research before one can succeed at it 

According to many successful forex traders they said that they lose a lot of money from their forex trading journey 

According to the information that we have below are the list of women that have succeeded in forex trading 

  1. Lauren Simmons 
  2. Kathy lien 
  3. Emilie Choi 
  4. Flori marquez 
  5. Nelisiwe masango 
  6. Meltem demirors

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