Watch As Woman Was Caught After Stealing & Swallowing Gold Jewelry Worth N1.5m In A Store (Video)

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A woman broke into a store and grabbed N1.5 million worth of gold jewelry before swallowing it.

According to reports, she swallowed the jewels to make it simple for her to leave the shop unnoticed.

Her scheme, however, was discovered and she was questioned.

She can be heard pleading with the person filming to not upload the video to Facebook while being questioned.

"Please, sir; you have kids as well. Do not put me on Facebook, please "The woman begged in Yoruba.



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She will face the part of the lower 

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Ilenre Rebecca
1 month ago

Everyone has things they are passing through but resulting to theft is out of it

Especially in a country where thieves are being burnt to death 

I think before we take any action we should try to weigh the consequences 👌

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Stealing is the most bad things ever , so wrk hrd make ur own for a lvng

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