What are the benefits of guava leaves

By Akam Mmasichukwu Talent   1 month ago   54

What are the benefits of guava leaves?

Guava leaves contain β-sitosterol, triterpenoids, quercetin, and some natural volatile oils and acidic components.



These natural ingredients in guava leaves can soften blood vessels, increase blood vessel elasticity and toughness, and remove cholesterol from blood vessel walls.


In addition, these ingredients can also promote insulin secretion.


Guava leaves have obvious preventive effects on hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and hyperglycemia.


You can make tea with guava leaves and boiling water, which is a healthy herbal tea.




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Adonovwe Festus
1 month ago

All these leaves can be put together to give a cure to certain diseases.

I think the works of science students should include these.

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