Serious Wahala For Man Who Refuses "To Do More" After Lady Engaged Him For The Night (Video)

By Mod2   1 month ago   68
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Wahala ProMax for a man who declines "to do more" after ingesting two Monsters, etc., and after being hired for the evening by a woman.

No matter how corny it sounded, the lady wouldn't have any of that and continued insisting that he "do the do."

Things do do fact happen to my folks grinning, the conclusion is so fascinating, hehe.



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Talfenos Yohanna
1 month ago

Woman no fost him 

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Madam take am easy nah

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Uchechi Kingsley
1 month ago

Hmm that is so mad the man is now tired please kindly allow him to have some rest and cool his body 

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1 month ago

Haha.. so funny!na by force

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