Checkout The Sweet Crunchy Popcorn I Made In 5 Minutes With 3 Ingredients (Photos,Video)

By Mod2   1 month ago   58
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In this video I showed a detailed 5 minutes process on how to make sweet pop corn on the stove with your pot easy and quick at home. We are in the holiday season again, make new and exciting things to keep them entertained so they wont be bored. You and the children will love and enjoy it.


Corn kernels
Vegetable oil




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Godwin Samuel
1 month ago

Wow that's Great now I know how to start

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Talfenos Yohanna
1 month ago

My advice is this that you should continue and teach many young NIGERIA

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Prisca Okoli
1 month ago

Well-done good wrk

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What a great work keep it up please

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