Angry Man Captured On Camera Dislodging Road Bumps (Photos,Video)

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A man was observed using a sledge hammer to remove a road hump. He claimed that adding bumps to any road is inappropriate.

According to him, if there is an obstruction in the way, a road is no longer regarded to be for travel.





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Talfenos Yohanna
1 month ago

Is not right 


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Smart Asogba
1 month ago

He is not ok

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Uchechi Kingsley
1 month ago

He is not normal

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Ifeoma N Agu
1 month ago

I really don't blame the man. He lacks understanding of the use of road bumps. Was he to be well informed, I don't think he would dislodge them this way . The economic situation of the country is driving many youths mad. His anger could be coming from something else and not the road bumps. See how he is wasting his energy.

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