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What is happening in the world? 

This tribe refused to bury their dead ones and reason will surprise you .

When a person dies, he or she must be given a decent burial; but, in the case of this tribe , when a person dies, he not given a proper burial , though it may appear to them to be a proper burial. 

Weda and Giles Buddhists believe that dear is the beginning of a new life new cycle of life. Monks advocate this cyclical pattern of life to alleviate the fear if death in Wade- Gile culture and assist human in preparing in fresh start.

When someone dies or is killed, three types of burial are utilized to say the deceased person farewell: cremation, water burial and sky burial .

Sky burial "is technically no longer a burial. But rather a technique in which the deceased bones are fed to vultures. 


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Egbe Chijioke
1 month ago

Normally funerals place after death 

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the normall thing

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Simeon Muazu
1 month ago

Its so freitening 

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What a world 🤣😓

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What a world 😓

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Daniel Joshua
1 month ago

Really fascinating

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