6 Islamic Clerics Oppose Tinubu And Ask Muslims Not To Vote Him (Video)

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Many Islamic clerics in the North have warned their members against voting Tinubu.

List below...

1. 2023: Sheikh Saifullah Lays Curses On Anyone Who Votes APC (Video)

2. Tinubu Can't Deceive Muslims With Fake Muslim-Muslim Ticket - Kano Sheikh

... Says Muslims won't be deceived by the Muslim-Muslim ticket. That Tinubu's choice of the ticket is for his own selfish interest and has nothing to do with the interest of Muslims

... Blasts any Muslim who votes Tinubu.

... Says Atiku is more honest...

3. "Any Muslim Who Votes Tinubu May Allah Destroy His Thumb" - Kano Sheikh (Video)


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Innocent Audu
4 days ago

Tinubu will not emerged the winner

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Because wsffkdkk vcjooyt

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Realarity is true

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Pretty squared

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