Watch The Moment Policeman Was Caught Demanding For Someone's Phone In Lagos State (Video)

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A police officer who was captured on tape ordering a Nigerian man to open his phone so that it could be searched has been invited for questioning, according to SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos Police command.

A Nigerian man who refused to open his phone for the cop was depicted in the video arguing with the officer. The Nigerian guy argued that no officer has the authority to check phones, and that the Inspector General of Police has stated as much. The Nigerian man refused, which infuriated the police, who then confronted him.

An individual who shared the video on Twitter wrote:

Is there anything fresh to report? On his way to a picture session today, my acquaintance was hassled by the cops.

Writing in response to the video, Hundeyin

These "isolenu" officers working with the Dolphin Division have been named (excuse my code-mixing). Tomorrow, he will be reporting to the Headquarters. I'll provide you updates.


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Daniel Joshua
5 days ago

Bro just settle them with money, they just want bribe


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Innocent Audu
5 days ago

Nigerian police nawa for you guys

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money everything

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Egbe Chijioke
4 days ago

For what reason i can't do if it should be me

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Nigerian police and Money just pay them off bro they only want bribe

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Onyie police

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