Huge Fire Razes Down Temple Hill Supermarket In Festac, Lagos (Video)

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According to information gathered , The fire started at about 11:50pm on Wednesday 3rd August 2022. ⁣Luckily many persons were able to escape from the building when the fire started.⁣ ⁣ The fire was said to have started from the back of the building and rapidly spread to the entire building from the top floor and razed down to the ground floor destroying goods and monies worth close to a billion naira.

Good people of the community came out enmasse to help salvage some goods from the ground floor. ⁣ The fire was a raging one, while trying to curb the situation the Fire Fighters ran out of supply.

The FTRA President, Mr Shola Fakorede and other residents were at the scene and they tried getting alternative means to get water from the water suppliers in Festac. ⁣ Unfortunately water wasn’t able to be gotten from branca and sylko who are water vendors in the estate as at the time of the fire

Temple Hill Supermarket is known to be a major go to shopping place for residents and even visitors and they are a major FMG Business in the community. ⁣ ⁣ As at the time of this report, no casualties had been recorded. Asides from the Fire Fighters , Security agencies were on ground. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ According to a source the fire was caused by an electrical failure ⁣which occurred when power was restored



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Daniel Joshua
5 days ago

We pray that there are no casualties

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Innocent Audu
4 days ago

Beautiful building

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wow this is very bad

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Chai what is going on

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