Top 3 Best Prank Channel on YouTube

By Abubakar Aminu Bello   1 week ago   37

 Are you a lover of comedy or pranks? If you are then this content is for you, prank is the process of making a practical joke on someone, most time its involve terrifying or frightening someone.

Based on the information that we gathered below are some channels on YouTube that gives the best pranks videos

  1. TopNotch Idiots

This is an American channel with over 7 Million subscribers its own by two people; Aj wolfy and Opto they pull out new video almost every week. There videos are many gold digger pranks and Thugs pranks.

  1. Nategotkeys

This is also a comedian he is best known for making gold digger pranks with exotic cars he channel has almost a million subscribers. Also he has a Facebook page with over 10 Million followers

  1. NELK

NELK member are counted among the well known YouTubers in the united states, they have been making video for the past 7 years their channel has over 7 Million subscriber

NELK member consist of Salim the Dream, Kyle forgeard and BigDawTv. They have a cool content; most of their content is Vlogs and Pranks


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