The Brain Behind The Famous Cryptocurrency “Dogecoin”

By Abubakar Aminu Bello   6 days ago   46
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What's behind dogecoin's price spike? Elon Musk and an army of posters

The digital currency is now the future almost everybody is investing it it, people who invested in it in the early 2010 are now Millionaires, they have made more than Fortune

Dogecoin is a Crypto that gets appreciated in 2020 when the richest man in the world invested Billions in it. At that time of his investment many people have made a lot

In the years 2018 Dogecoin is less than N1 today it’s over N100. You can’t imagine how much you will make if you had invested in it

Dogecoin was founded by a man called Jackson Palmer in the year 2013, he was born and raised in Australia according to his information he Is a software engineer.

A lot of people have invested in Dogecoin below are the list of Business people that have shares in Dogecoin

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Adam Back
  3. Kain warwick
  4. Ran Neuner

Dogecoin is the future



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Daniel Joshua
6 days ago

Accurate information well constructed

Dogecoin to the moon

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