Top 3 Richest Millionaires In The Cryptocurrency Business

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3 Billionaires who made their fortune through cryptocurrencies -  Nairametrics

The cryptocurrency business is a big business that is worth billions of money a lot of people have made a huge fortune from it according to the Forbes magazines they stated that it is worth over $1 Trillion

Based on the information that we have gathered below are the top richest millionaires in the cryptocurrecny business

  1. Jackson Palmer

This is a hidden name a lot of people doesn’t know much about it. Jack Palmer is the CEO and also the founder of the popular cryptocurrecny Dogecoin. He got his breakthrough when the richest man in the world Elon musk invested in his work

According to his information on other websites he has a net worth of over $500 Million

  1. Jeffrey Wilcke

This might also be another new name to you only few people gets to know him, he is among the 8 people the co-founded Ethereum he has worked with crypto-entrepreneurs like; Gavin wood, Roger Ver and Charlie Lee he has net worth of $200 Million

  1. Bart Sephens

This is an angle investor he is responsible for the success of many crptocurrecny out there he is the CEO and also the founder of Blockchain Capital

According to his info he has over a wealth of $1 Billion in his company, he is among the few people that promotes Blockchains technology in the world. He has worked with people like Roham Gharegozlou, Dan morehead and a lot more in 2022 he has a net worth of over $100 Million


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