Zambian Currency Is Now Best In Africa After We Voted In A Good Leader

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A Zambian Lady Feminist Witch @DonCorleANN has taken to twitter to express her gratitude after Zambian Youths decided to vote out a repressive Government which has ushered in tremendous Changes in Zambia.

@DonCorleANN tweet.

A year ago Zambians voted out a repressive regime and some Africans flooded our comments telling us we would regret it and that a new government would do nothing. Today the Zambian Kwacha is the best performing currency in Africa & 2nd best in the world, from the worst in 2021.

This is all thanks to the Zambian Youth. We knew that if we didn’t act and vote in a better leader, many of us would be forced to leave our country because it would have gone to hell. But this doesn’t mean we won’t hesitate to vote out the new government should they Bleep us over.

We are not allegiant to any political party or president. Quality life and respect for human rights is all we seek. What this has taught us is how much power we have and what we can do when we come together. Voter apathy only serves corrupt leaders.


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Daniel Joshua
2 weeks ago

This is really great for them and their economy 

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