2 Ukrainian Soldiers' Leg Work Dance Video Goes Viral (Video)

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Two Ukrainian soldiers' videotaped performance in an unfinished structure, which was published on TikTok, has created a social media craze. The soldiers, who appeared to be from Ukraine, danced to Philemon's Nooran Sisters drill remix while wearing full military gear in a popular video posted by @maverickkk78 on TikTok.

The short clip has garnered over 22 million views with some netizens wondering why the military men would be dancing at what is believed to be a war front.

Tiktokers react;

Pumpkin said: "Y’all got to understand these people are 18-19 some even 17. They are still untested in the things we are. They are the same age as us."

@Threyo223 said: "Bro pressed the emote button in the middle of a war."

@Marcojuncu18 said: "Imagine your in the year 2389 and your history teacher says he’s gonna teach you about the war between Russia and Ukraine and this pops up in the book."

@Trevor.cicco: History books: “ troops dancing to get their mind off of things”


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my God shit

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John Okoroani
2 weeks ago

Ya what is going on

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